Customs change for Norway Customs change for Norway

Customs change for Norway

DHL Customs Change Norway


eWarehousing has received the following information from DHL regarding B2C shipments to Norway. Please read this carefully and determine if it affects your webshop.



"As of January 1, 2024, the Norwegian Ministry of Finance is introducing a new customs change affecting shipments to consumers (B2C), without impacting B2B shipments.

Abolition of temporary exemption

The temporary exemption from customs declaration for shipments from businesses to consumers with a value below 350 NOK is ending. This means that all goods shipped to individuals in Norway are subject to VAT and import duties. Additionally, senders must, under certain conditions, register for VOEC (VAT for e-commerce).

Prevent delays

When should webshops and e-commerce platforms register for VOEC and pay VAT:

- Conduct business outside Norway and sell to consumers in Norway.
- Annual turnover in Norway exceeds 50,000 NOK.

VOEC-registered webshops/e-commerce platforms must actively charge VAT on all goods sold (except books and art). If the company is not VOEC registered, the consumer pays the VAT upon receipt.

Webshops/e-commerce platforms registered for VOEC must include their VOEC number when creating the shipment, along with the invoice details."

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